Thursday, November 29, 2012

Suryakshetra 119 BIRTH DAY

Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji
29th November 2012
Suryakshetra -119 (Are we aware of our calendar now?)
Knowingly or otherwise, most of us have become victims of – on going trends.  Surely – everyone has to admit that we have very rich culture and tradition.  For whatever reason it is, most unfortunately, we make our children to forget our traditions and culture – and THIS GENERATION AROUND THE AGE OF 30-50 ARE MOSTLY responsible for this undesirable trend.  Ask anyone in the family – from the father to the five year child about their birth date – surely we get an answer like 13th January this year or some such date.  Remember it is not according to our traditional Hindu calendar, it is purely on Christian Calendar.  I am not against the convenience of the world, I am surely against the trend of forgetting homeland culture and traditions and surrendering to western culture.  
We have been following a calendar since thousands of years, which gives us the lunar, sun as well star position on each day, Name of the year, the section of the year, The ritu or the season of the period, the month with its name, the bright or the dark fortnight, the star position, the Lunar Position basing on the Tithi, the name of the day and so on.  In one word, we would come to know lot many things.  In the Christian era, we do not find all this excepting the day, date, month and year. 
We should make our children know our calendar and each of us should know at least details regarding birth date as per HINDU CALENDAR.  Secondly Hindu system does not allow “putting off” the lights; we believe in PUTTING UP LAMPS and we celebrate Diwali worshiping lamps.  Putting Off the lamps is considered to be quite inauspicious in this country. Incidentally, children ARE ALLOWED to put off lights while cutting cakes. HINDUS, worship birth day – like Mahaveer Jayanthi, Gurunaanak Jayanthi, Datta Jayanthi, Vamana Jayanthi etc.  Hindus love the BIRTH DATE of these great personalities as per HINDU CALENDAR, and there is no system in Hinduism to worship any one on the day of their death.  We love to keep great personalities forever in our memories and keep THEM always alive – amidst us.     LET US HELP OURSELVES AND OUR CHILDREN TO RESPECT HINDU CALENDER ATLEAST FROM NOW ON, LET US CELEBRATE BIRTH DAY ONLY BASING ON THIS. Let us not PUT OFF lights and let us not put an end to the knowledge base of our children.   Let us educate our children from now on.     MERA BHARAT MAHAAN.
Quote: Hunger Makes Hard Beans Sweet.                                                                                                                                                      I shall be back again soon   Hara Hara Mahadeva                                                                              Dr P V SESHA SAI ASWAMEDHAYAAJI

Suryakshetra 118 On Dharmic Attitude

Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji

Suryakshetra -118 (Philosophy of life with reference to Mahabharata)
Every Indian – by virtue of his birth in THE GREAT LAND OF INDIA – is a philosopher.  History proved that any person from Indian Origin did not capture others land or others properties.  The nature of “Dharmic Life” is inherited just by taking birth on this HOLY LAND.  “Live and let live” policy is not copied from other countries, it is purely an Indian nature of thinking, and probably others are allured and copied. 
Let us basically examine this concept “Kshanam Chittam Kshanam Vittam, Kshanam Jeevita Maavayo, Yamasya Karunaa Naasti, Dharmasya Twarita Gati   means mind may change quickly; Money and Property may disappear instantly; Life may come to end by 1/225 of a second; even dharmic attitude may get changed – therefore one should not wait to take the matter from RIGHT HAND TO LEFT HAND. Anything may happen in between. 
This is the greatest philosophy of Indian Origin, the moment, the matter, the mindset – might undergo changes with the intervention of even a fraction of a second.
During Mahabharata time, Lord Krishna desired to test Dana Karna, and when Lord Krishna asked for Daan, the great Dana Karna offered Lord Krishna with his left hand.  Lord Krishna questioned Dana Karna whether it is proper to offer Daan using left had, at that point of time, Dana Karna – mentioned the above sloka and said that he might not have that length of life to take the item of Daan from his left hand to right hand, hence he offered Lord Krishna using his left hand.  What a great philosophy, and how fortunate we are to take birth on this HOLY LAND.
Even Chanakya said “Sukhasya Moolam Dharmah, Dharmasya Moolam Ardhah, Ardhasya Moolam Raajyam, Raajyasya Moolam Indriya Jayam, Indriya Jayam Moolam Vinayah means with obedience one can reach “path of the duty” and with “Path of the duty” to “Sukham” – means purposeful, eventful, healthy (mind and body health) life.  MERA BHARAT MAHAAN.
Quote: Possibility or impossibility does not depend on the size of our goal, but surely depends on the size of our faith and dharmic attitude.
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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

suryakshetra 117

                 Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji                                                                                                                                                                          26th November 2012
Suryakshetra -117 (On Sounds of Great Indian Origin)
What this little man speaks………………………………………………………………………………..
The world might not know much about the Indian Culture; Hinduism and various emotional, spiritual heights in the system of Hinduism.  The Vedas are constructed just on the basis of sounds; many a times unless and until one gets acquainted with Sanskrit – the basic of Hinduism, one cannot use the sound to derive the benefits out of it.  The sounds are generated from bottom level of “Nabhi” and this is one part and one can experience only when he gets involved into the systems.  Many a times, people do not believe whether “Sound” has that much effect.  Surely, it has; in a moment a sound can make any one shed tears; it can bring out at least 16 teeth out of a great smile or laugh; it can do many wonders. 
Still people many not believe it, but surely I do not write much on the Vedic Texts, but I can refer to History where the magical sounds of Indian Origin did wonders in the past.
The great Ragaas of Indian Classical Music which are directly connected to the Sound structures of Indian Origin – are the best live and historical examples. Shri  Galib – when he started Aaalapana of Bhairavi Raag – the members present in the court of the King heard – the roaring sounds of Rivers; during 1585, Shri Tansen – a great singer – when he started Aaalapana of Deepak Raag – the lamps in the court of the king automatically caught the light and started burning; when Shri Muttuswami Deekshitulu started Aaalapana of Amrit Varshini, suddenly there were clouds and it started raining.  Similarly, the composition of HINDOLA Raag is for Love and Affection; DEEPAK Raag in the evening times is for kindness; MEKHA Raag is for rains; SREE Raag is for Kind heartedness; MAALKOSU is for bravery and so on.
I have seen personally, when MAHANYAASAM is run in anyone’s house, lot of peace and emotional attachment amongst the family members was witnessed. 
Let us know more about ourselves, our culture, our traditions, our joint family system and our heritage. Surely, we get admired of our past, and feel like to continue to maintain – during the times ahead of us. There might be great nations with more rich culture, but we – GREAT INDIANS ARE SECOND TO NONE.
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Quote: Problems arises in life when we over estimates others or the problems and under estimate ourselves.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Suryakshetra 116 Water

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Suryakshetra – 116(Ancient Indian Analysis - Water)
What this little man speaks……………………………………………………………………………………………………..            
Quote: 1) The best thing one has to learn is to keep himself smiling, for the reason smiling is easier than explaining why we are sad.
2) Health is the greatest gift; contentment is the greatest wealth; and faithfulness is the best relationship.
Worldwide people talk of water – perhaps – one may distinguish water as “salt water”  and “drinkable” and I am not certain whether there was any research on water – JUST WATER – elsewhere outside India.  The great Indian sages possessed the capacity of analyzing any this and evolved theories in such a microscopic manner much and much beyond the intelligence of anyone outside India.
The Vedic order of life analyzed water in many ways, similarly it also analyzed the properties of the same as different from each one.  The first one is  Rain Water (1) before touching the ground and it is considered to be the purest of the pure; 2) the rain water fallen on a hill and climbs down to the land; 3) the third one being the water formulated as snow and accumulated on  hill and subsequently melted down to surface land (Ex Ganga River); 4) the rain water that has fallen on a surface land and distributed to a lake or a stream; 5) the water accumulated in a lake  with flowing water; 6) the water accumulated in a lake and remain stagnant; 7)  the water brought up from ground; 8) the water collected in a sump and pumped onto the overhead tank; 9) the water that is available in sacred lakes like Manasarovar etc which are divine in nature; 10) the water that is available in a well; 11) the water that flows continuously throughout the year; 12) the water that is born only on rock stones or amidst rock stones which do not dry even in summers; 13) the water that is purified with Vedic rituals; 14) the water which is available just before joining the sea (back waters); 15) the water in sea; 16) the water that comes on its own from ground level through different stones ( Ex Mahanandi in Nandyal of Kurnool Dist or Dakshina Mukha Nandi of Bangalore etc, 17) the water retained in a mud pot; 18) the water that is stored and used in different other vessels etc. 
The aforementioned is classified as 1) Akash Ganga, 2) Hima Ganga, 3) Pravaahika Ganga, 5) Patala Ganga, 6) Sthira Ganga in Vedaas. Each of them has different properties and each has its own usage, but by and large, we must salute our great sages of India for examining the water in different fashions instead of identifying the WATER AS JUST WATER ONLY.    
That is the reason why ANCIENT INDIAN TRADITIONS AND GREAT SAGES OF INDIA ARE very much advanced in spiritual as well in physics, chemistry – very much beyond the imagination of the scientists of modern world.
Quote: It is funny, how 1 truth; 1 song; 1 mistake; 1 lie; 1 word; 1 text; and 1 person – could change our mood in 1 second.
I will be back again soon……………………Hara  Hara Mahadeva
Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji

Suryakshetra 114 Nature Worship

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Suryakshetra – 114(Ancient Indians worshipped Nature) What this little man speaks……………………………………………………………………………………………………..            
Quote: 1) Every sun rise delivers opportunities while every sun set ask what we did with the opportunities
2) Meditations purifies mind; prayer purifies soul; charity purifies wealth; fasting purifies health; forgiveness purifies relationship.
Ancient Indians, Hinduism, spiritual sciences of Indian origin taught mankind the ways to worship nature.  Hindus worship plants, hills, animals, water, fire, and what not everything on this mother earth. Hinduism see God everywhere in all living and non-living beings.  Hinduism has got an in-built system of using the herbs to keep them healthy and fit for brain work as well physical load bearing capacities. It has got an implied philosophy in each and every aspect as such Indians do not prefer conquering or grabbing property or culture of other countries or other religions. They respect every culture and every religion and the best religious tolerance is only in Hindus and in Hinduism.  Absolutely no where else, no religious propaganda for Hinduism; no alluring methods for conversion into Hinduism; and similar such. Let us examine, keeping In view of Lord Ganesh Chaturdhi – 9th day – final day worship ( a few are observing 11 days)  and while wishing every one of you – fulfillment of your desires which you all deserve, I am presenting hereunder how the wonder herbs are taught to the younger generation through Lord worship.
There are 21 kinds of leafs which we use to worship Lord Ganesh.  As per Ayurveda, the ancient medical science of India, these herbs have great sanctity and perhaps these herbs are rarely seen outside India – the divine land of Gods. They have unimaginable medicinal properties which are of great use in day to day life.
In the order of series 1) Machipathri – Artemisia Vulgaris; 2) Brihati Patri – Solanum Xanthocarpum; 3) Bilva Patri –Aegle Marmelos; 4) Durva Patri – Cynodon Dactylon; 5) Dattura Patri – Datura Stramonium; 6) Badari Patri – Jujuba Tree; 7) Apamarga Patri – Achyranthus Aspera; 8)Tulasi Patri – Ocimum Sanctum; 9) Chuta Patri – Mango; 10) Karaveera Patri – Narium Odorum; 11) Vishnukrant Patri – Clitoria Ternatia; 12) Dadimi Patri – PunicaGranatum; 13) Devdar Patri – Teak like; 14) Maruvaka Patri – Sweet Marjoram; 15) Sindhuvara Patri – Vitex Negundo; 16) Jaji Patri – Myristica Fragrans; 17) Gandaki Patri – Anona Squamosa; 18) Sami Patri – Acacia Suma; 19) Aswatha Patri – Ficus Religiosa; 20) Arjuna Patri – Terminalia Arjuna; 21) Arc Patri – Calotropis Procera.  I can give the medicinal properties of each herb, if needed.      In the earlier days, before we drove our children to just job oriented slavery education, we were educating our children making them identify each of the herb and in the name of worship of Lord Ganesh, these wonderful herbs usage was taken to them right from childhood days.  
I appeal to all of you to educate your children the basic of ancient Indian system and Hindu Culture for a peaceful co-existence and for purposeful living.  In the name of JUST AND JUST RELIGION- let us not make our children unaware of our culture and rich tradition.  Even today – grandma box in the kitchen is a wonder remedy for many ailments, let us upkeep our tradition and culture – beyond and much beyond any religious threats either within or outside.    I will be back again soon……………………Hara  Hara Mahadeva
Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji