Tuesday, November 27, 2012

suryakshetra 117

                 Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji                                                                                                                                                                          26th November 2012
Suryakshetra -117 (On Sounds of Great Indian Origin)
What this little man speaks………………………………………………………………………………..
The world might not know much about the Indian Culture; Hinduism and various emotional, spiritual heights in the system of Hinduism.  The Vedas are constructed just on the basis of sounds; many a times unless and until one gets acquainted with Sanskrit – the basic of Hinduism, one cannot use the sound to derive the benefits out of it.  The sounds are generated from bottom level of “Nabhi” and this is one part and one can experience only when he gets involved into the systems.  Many a times, people do not believe whether “Sound” has that much effect.  Surely, it has; in a moment a sound can make any one shed tears; it can bring out at least 16 teeth out of a great smile or laugh; it can do many wonders. 
Still people many not believe it, but surely I do not write much on the Vedic Texts, but I can refer to History where the magical sounds of Indian Origin did wonders in the past.
The great Ragaas of Indian Classical Music which are directly connected to the Sound structures of Indian Origin – are the best live and historical examples. Shri  Galib – when he started Aaalapana of Bhairavi Raag – the members present in the court of the King heard – the roaring sounds of Rivers; during 1585, Shri Tansen – a great singer – when he started Aaalapana of Deepak Raag – the lamps in the court of the king automatically caught the light and started burning; when Shri Muttuswami Deekshitulu started Aaalapana of Amrit Varshini, suddenly there were clouds and it started raining.  Similarly, the composition of HINDOLA Raag is for Love and Affection; DEEPAK Raag in the evening times is for kindness; MEKHA Raag is for rains; SREE Raag is for Kind heartedness; MAALKOSU is for bravery and so on.
I have seen personally, when MAHANYAASAM is run in anyone’s house, lot of peace and emotional attachment amongst the family members was witnessed. 
Let us know more about ourselves, our culture, our traditions, our joint family system and our heritage. Surely, we get admired of our past, and feel like to continue to maintain – during the times ahead of us. There might be great nations with more rich culture, but we – GREAT INDIANS ARE SECOND TO NONE.
I shall be back again soon………
Quote: Problems arises in life when we over estimates others or the problems and under estimate ourselves.

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