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Suryakshetra 70

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15th November 2003


It is long since I have entered into this paper which is being released for the benefit of the readers since 1990. Even otherwise program and the related research work is continuously being released through different mails from time to time.

I found three kinds of people --- 1) those who do not know what is happening
2) those who watch what is happening
3) those who make things happen

It is certainly better, you will invariably agree that it is better to posses the ability to make things happen.

Similarly EFFECTIVE means doing right things and EEIFICIENT means doing things right.

Back to the subject, I found several people particularly those who have come out of service after working for a few decades, idling their time. Time is a valuable resource in our hand. A second lost can never be regained. Once lost it is once for all Lost. Since it is provided to us by Lord - the creator, free of cost, perhaps we fail to recognize the value of it. These days youngsters waste their time on unproductive matters of revenue nature. When I say REVENUE NATURE , I mean that it may bring momentary happiness or reward.
I also do not ignore to talk of CAPITAL NATURE . Capital account is one which is created for rewards on an on-going basis for ever. One should be able to turn the valuable resource - time- into CAPITAL ACCOUNT so that it starts paying dividends continuously. I observe from the history of those who are successful in life, that they struggle hard to RESPECT TIME LORD. They maintain time sense; they are disciplined in respect of time; they are punctual. THEY KNOW - WHAT TO DO, WHEN TO DO, AND HOW TO DO. But for any untoward incident beyond human knowledge, they are mostly successful.
I only request all the youngsters not to waste time on unwanted and unproductive things. Some times we may not be able to judge what is productive and what is not. In such cases, it is essential that we should consult a close friend or relative or parents etc to take their advise. Mere acting on the advise is not sufficient; one should be able to judge the accuracy and reason behind it of the advise so received. In other words the person who has given his advise should not be blamed for any reason whatsoever. It should be well remembered that the advise received from the outside agency is only a supplement to our thinking and judging of the other side of the coin, if any.
Every retired person also should involve in Society building activity in the interest of next generation. He is backed by his professional excellency, knowledge and understanding ability - which are most valuable assets to the society. They are built up over a period of time, a length of time- hence they are mostly wanted. It is essential that ONE SHOULD TAKE PAIN TO REDUCE PAIN.

Most of you know Kind hearts are gardens
Kind thoughts are roots
Kind words are flowers
Kind deeds are fruits

This is the TIME for all of us to enjoy the fruits of TIME through our deeds of TODAY. And tomorrow-who knows ?

TRAINING is to produce a change or creating a condition to change. I shall be back again soon…………
Wishing you all the best DR P V SESHA SAI



What this little man speaks……………………………………………………

Quote: Unselfishness is more paying; only thing is that people have no patience to practice it.

All the human beings from every region of the globe experience it at one time or another during their live times. A simple common cold is a collection of familiar symptoms signaling an infection of the upper respiratory tract which includes the nose, throat and sinuses. At least five major categories of viruses cause colds. One of these groups and perhaps the most common, the rhinoviruses which has a minimum of 100 different viruses. Though we say “cold and flu” in the same breath, influenza is a very different disease from common cold. The influenza virus takes up residence mainly in the throat and bronchial tract. If one has flu, one should usually have a fever and a fever is not usually present in the cold. The fever usually passes within three days, but the fatigue, muscle aches and cough that result from the flue can linger for weeks.

As per traditional systems, plains Indians used purple coneflower or echinacea(Echinacea angustifolia) as a remedy for colds and flu. Today it is the best selling herbal remedy in the county. Several studies supported this and as per science echinacea activates the immune system, the body’s natural agent of healing. Any one can purchase tincture of echinacea and at the first sign of a cold or flu take one teaspoon of the tincture every hour for three hours. If the infection still persists, take one dropper full of the tincture every three hours and it does not matter even if one takes other medicines.
As per NEW ENGLNAD traditional system, take garlic (allium sativum) for colds. The American southwest and China use garlic for colds and bronchial problems. Even the ancient Egyptians used it to treat cough and cold besides fever. For this they used to blend three cloves of garlic in a blender with a little water. The clove must be cut or crushed in order to release its constituents. Interested persons can add half of a lemon skin and all to the garlic put the contents in a cup and fill the cup with boiling water. Inhaling the fragrance, add honey and drink the entire cup in slips. This can be done three times a day for few days. Rural remedy is that the cousin of garlic-onion is used to treat colds in virtually every folk tradition in North America. Wild Onions have been used for the same purpose by Native American tribes in every region of the country.
Using Onions to treat colds persists to day in the folk medicine of New England, upstate New York, North Carolina, Appalachia, Indiana and within Chinese communities through out North America. May be the pungent aroma is cutting through even the stuffiest nose, cold sufferers have been drawn to the bulb. The modern science is confirming that the plant has anti-infective properties. To realize what it is, cut up one large onion and simmer in a covered pot for twenty minutes and later drink a cup of tea three or four times daily when you have a cold or flu.

Some residents of New England, North Carolina and Indiana recommend hot sage (Salvia Officinalis) tea to break up a cold. They say sage is especially good for sore throats that often accompany colds. Place one teaspoon of sage in a cup and fill with boiling water, cover it and let it sleep for ten minutes. Then strain; add a little lemon and honey and drink. Repeat three to four times a day for as long as one can do.
This is the practice and it is atleast as old as the ancient Romans. What made our ancestors turn to a lemon for relief is unknown still? This time, place one chopped, whole lemon skin, pulp and all in a pot and add one cup of boiling water. While letting the mixture sleep for five minutes, inhale the fumes, then strain and drink. The wisdom of Hippocrates advocate inhaling of the fumes of vinegar to treat it as a remedy for cold and it is as old as ancient Greece. The Greek Physician Hipporcrates recommend the treatment for coughs and respiratory infections. For this, Pour a half cup of boiling water in a jar and add half a cup of vinegar, gently inhale the steam, but remain careful not to burn oneself.

Sniffing salt water could ease nasal congestion. Towards this put a quarter teaspoon of salt in a glass of hot or warm water and sniff some of the water. Adding butter to hot tea is another remedy used in the high altitudes of Nepal and Tibet to prevent colds. New Englanders use a similar technique of adding butter to hot hot water to treat colds.
I will be back again soon……………………………… HARA HARA MAHADEVA
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Suryakshetra (68)

What this little man speaks……………………………..

DIABETES: Probably you may remember the article which I have written on the same subject a few months ago while transmitting the mysterious medical secrets round the globe. In the series I have given some very valuable information on Arthritis, High Blood pressure etc and other topics relating to MIND BODY theory are under research and very shortly they are kept in front of you. It is a costly and time consuming research and yet we are paying adequate attention to the subject with a view to give you lot of information.

AROGYAM MOOLAM UTTAMAM: In life health is the best treasure and you must accept it. One should have confidence that the ailment is not incurable and it is CERTAINLY CURABLE. It is essential that this ailment has to be cured at the initial stages itself otherwise the heart, kidneys, liver brain and eyes remain in danger. The most reliable test for this is the blood test; in two stages one before eating and the other after eating. Urine test is also as important as that of blood test. Towards the remedial measures one should have control on food habits. Pulses are said to be the healthiest food for diabetic patient. Green leafy vegetables are a must in the diet. Over weight patients should avoid starchy food and eat less of butter and ghee. They should shun potatoes, sweet potato and other tubers. In the allopathic system of medicine insulin injections are prescribed. Insulin sure enough lowers the sugar level but it does not cure the problem. Ayurvedic medicines like aarogyavardhini vati, chandraprabha vati, vasantkusumakar ras, juice of neem leaves and bitter gourd can root out this problem. It is necessary that these medicines are to be taken under the guidance of an expert doctor. Fruit of Jamun, fenugreek seeds are also very beneficial in diabetes. A diabetic should go for walk daily in the morning and evening. A balanced diet is a must. According to me one should have a perfect mind body system and this is one wonderful channel by virtue of which the body listens to the command given by mind (as that of hypnotic treatment) and corrections are taken place in the body.

According to experienced doctors the following remedial actions are suggested:

Thee grams of jamun leaves and crushing them fine, eat with water and continue this for ten
rest of the text not available HARA HARA MAHADEVA DR P V SESHA SAI



What this little man speaks……………………………………………….

Quote: Frustration is commonly the difference between what we would like to be and
what we are willing to sacrifice to become what we would like to be.

Depression: In Indian joint family system family counseling was an integral part. If a person in a family is out of mood, the other family members normally used to bring him back to normalcy and this is so particularly when aged elders exist in the family. Thus an opportunity for sharing of difficulties was available for every individual. After all it is a fact one has to undergo depression at least once in his life time for whatever reason it may be. Co-sharing of difficulties and problems was an excellent remedial action in those days. In the context of changing Socio-Economic scenario gradually Indian families are keeping themselves away from Joint family system. Newly married are desirous of establishing their own family units. In the western countries “isolation” is the main problem resulting into depression and thereby resulting into cropping of anti social approach. It is globally agreed that Indian Joint Family system with all sentimental attachments is the best since it remained as a wonderful drug and remedial measure for several psychological disorders. Further more, the in built philosophical approach in each and every Indian has become one of the strongest shield for any type of odds in life.

The other world is lacking this and now a days it is observed that most people in western countries tend towards Indian systems duly filtering certain age old and out dated sentiments. It is howsoever an agreed fact that every system has positive and negative aspects,

At this point of time we may have to pay attention of the power of faith. A survey published in 1986 revealed that one of every seven people polled believed that at some point or other that they have been healed by God. Such miraculous cures are existent for all types of illnesses-everything from viral conditions to debilitating back pain and cancer too. No one surely can tell how prayer heals. But that does not stop people from praying. Believe it or not, a 1991 study found that 96 percent of patients facing heart surgery said that they prayed to be healed; 73 percent of hospitalized patients said the same thing. Religion seeks to bring humans closer to the mysteries of the universe.
found that Mormon men who considered themselves very religious were less likely to get cancer than their less religious peers. These results were published in a 1990 edition of the AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRY which reported that religious people recovered faster from illnesses and were less DEPRESSED than respondents who did not rate religion highly in their lives.

Well I am not interested to narrate more on religion as it is a matter of individual confidence and experience. I am giving more details in this context in the forthcoming issues while referring to Digestive Problems; Ear Problems; Eye Problems; Bites and Stings; Anxiety; Burns and Sunburn; Hemorrhoids; Memory Problems; Mouth and Tooth Problems; Pain; Skin Condition; Sleep Problems; Sore Throat; Wounds and Cuts; Bladder and Kidney Problems. You have already been provided certain material concerning mysterious secrets on Diabetes; High Blood Pressure and Arthritis in my past magazines. I desire to have your experiences on these subjects.

Quote: The remedy for weakness is not brooding over weakness, but thinking of strength.

I shall be back again soon.
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Suryakshetra (66)

What this little man speaks……………………………..

Quote: To be wronged is nothing, unless we continue to remember it.
The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time.

My friends started asking me to pay more attention on topics relating to curing of different ailments taking into cognizance of the practices followed by different religions and different medicinal approaches followed in various parts of the globe. Earlier I have written on Arthritis, High blood pressure etc and in continuation I am trying my best to pay attention on other ailments which are normally being faced by many in these days.

DEPRESSION: For me – as a person originally from ECONOMICS, it sounds as a GAP BETWEEN DEMAND AND SUPPLY. It looks like a simple sentence, but it is everything about Depression. People demand something and in case there is a mismatch of supply, over a period of time it results into depression. Clinical depression is an illness that causes a persons mood and behavior to change for long periods. Depression is characterized mainly by feelings of sadness, irritability or indifference.
It is also possible that it may result from a chemical imbalance in the brain and episodes can be triggered by a traumatic event, prolonged stress and such other factors. Symptoms may include lack of interest in hobbies or other activities that once were enjoyable, changes in weight, appetite or sleeping; feelings of guilt, worthlessness or hopelessness; and confusion and fatigue. Conventional drugs treat depression with drugs and psychotherapy.

The remedies available: Homeopathic practitioners treat depression with highly diluted natural substances that would cause symptoms of depression if given in full strength to a healthy person since the basis for Homeopathy itself is –Symptomatic treatment. Recently it is heard that scientists have validated the centuries old practice of using St.John’s Wort(Hypericum Perforatum) to treat depression.
It appears that the plant has mood lifting properties. It worked as well in some studies as an expensive pharmaceutical drug, though it is not know exactly how and why. In USA and Europe people accept this. The Amish in America do not consume this plant but they hang it over the barn door or house door with a belief that it prevents depression and such other illnesses from striking their families. An Amish elder might also say or recommend that one has to do good for someone else, make a list of all the good things and pray for others welfare to get rid of DEPRESSION.

I believe that when once DEPRESSION strikes at the door, it not only upsets the mood of the person subjected to depression, but also other inmates as a result STEPS OF PROGRESSIVE LIFE is substituted by regressive actions which take lot of time to march ahead for success. It is as such nothing but a DEVIL in my opinion. Acupuncturists consider depression to result from a blockage of qi the bodies vital energy force. Acupuncture aims to rebalance the flow of qi by stimulating energy points in specific areas. One more study found that thirty minutes of massage a day effectively reduced depression and anxiety in hospital patients.
The aroma of flowers such as orange blossom(citrus aurantium), jasmine(jasminum officianalis) and ylang ylang(conanga odorata) appears to alleviate symptoms of depression. The 20th Century physicians widely prescribed oats(Avena Sativa) as a remedy for depression. Seventh day Adventists take a “Neutral bath” to relieve depression. They soak in water kept within a degree or two of body temparature for twenty to forty minutes. Still study is being made as to why the temparature should be “neutral” but it may be due to a fact that lack of heat or clod that helps the body to regain balance. Interestingly Indian healing secret pay attention to sound system. Besides chanting of some powerful sounds like “OM”, regular practice of yoga and breathing exercise is believed to instill the energy and confidence thereby reducing stress.

The ancient Indian sages perhaps introduced Pranayam-a part of Yoga and chanting of sounds by almost every one in India by systematizing this in SANKALPA – the sacred prayer part in the beginning of day. More about this follow.

I shall be back again soon……………………..HARA HARA MAHADEVA
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SURYAKSHETRA (65) 7th August 2002

What this little man speaks………………………………………………..

Quotes: When we educate a man we educate an individual; and when we educate a woman we educate a whole family.
The present is never a happy state for any being.

I believe that you have enjoyed my expression on the EYE in the past magazine. I have assured you that I will be giving you information on the EV IL EYE. Whether the modern scientists believe this or not, people around the globe do believe that EVIL EYE overpowers at times. Perhaps no scientific explanation is possible in this direction. It is not correct to say that only INDIANs and particularly HINDU RELIGION alone has blind belief on this subject. Italian Americans believe that the EVIL EYE can cause disease. People with the power to evoke the evil eye may do so intentionally or unintentionallly, usually because they are envious or jealous of a person. Children and pregnant woman who are naturally vulnerable are considered prime targets for this type of curse.

To cure a sickness caused by the evil eye, the victim seeks out a healer usually a woman has been handed down her healing secrets. She may advise the victim to wear a charm or amulet in the shape of an eye, heart, hand or horn; eat garlic; or carry written copies of religious texts – all these remedial actions in many countries. Red and blue are favorite colors for warding off evil eye sicknesses. Christians and Jews in North and South America attach red ribbons to children clothing or hair. In Europe and Mediterranean countries, blue stones are used as charms to deflect the malicious power of the evil eye.

According to Indian system we have belief on this subject and grandma theory is a natural remedial action available to most of the Indian families. Scientifically to explain, I believe that every human body is a electric power generating center. Generation of electricity and consumption of the same are the usual on going process in a human body. The generation of electricity in a human body some times run un – evenly. Eyes are considered to be a consuming part in the human body. We must accept that all human beings can not discharge the electrical energy through their eyes or even through other parts of the body evenly or in a common fashion. The more the voltage a human can release through the eyes the more the effect on the subject matter. In 1980 Mr Baljit Singh Jabbal exhibited openly in London and in other parts that it is possible to burn cotton through the eye sight. You might have experienced that a few persons eyes are very attractive; a few persons eyes look ferocious; like that. In the present day society we can not see laser rays and X rays etc but their effect is visibly seen. The frequency of electrical energy released by a human being is more or less related to mental state of the same person according to mind-body theory.

The great sages of Indian origin found remedial actions. They found a certain quality of gross which is popularly called as DARBHA in Sanskrit possessing an excellent quality to counter the undesirable electrical energy released again a human being. Like this, salt, mirchi, mixture of turmeric and calcium water are other items available to counter the EVIL EYE. Similarly, the red rays followed by a campher burn has its effect on the optic nerve. Normally the heat generated in the atmosphere ; chlorine or mithnol or sodium salts enter the lungs and brain and other parts of the body and develops resistance power in an effected individual. The salt burnt divide as sodium peroxide and chlorine and a part as water vapor. The chlorine thus released enters the body through nose and starts working on the nerves system thus paving a way to free from the effects of the evil eye.
More scientific explanation is available on this subject but I only request the reader to use LOGICAL REASONING AND follow the systems already experimented and tested and followed by the ancestors.


I shall be back again soon.………HARA HARA MAHADEVA DR P V SESHA SAI,
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What this little man speaks………………………………………………..

Quotes: Genius is a long patience
The best part of the beauty is that which no picture can express.

My articles on Arthritis, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure are appreciated by many and the inspiration which I derived out of such appreciation is the cause for continuing the subject. I HAVE BEEN TAKING THE PRIVILEGE OF BRINGING BEFORE YOU WHAT MYSTERIOUS REMEDIAL ACTION IS AVAILABLE THROUGHOUT THE GLOBE ON EACH AREA..

This time “Eye problems” are taken to this as it is said –SARVENDRIYAANAM NAYANAM PRADHANAM. The eye is said to the best and most essential input to the human body out of nine channels. Now straight to the subject, inflammations of the eye can be painful and produce redness, swelling and irritation. Conjunctivitis or pink eye is an inflammation of the conjunctive, the delicate membrane that lines the inner curve of the eyelid and covers the exposed surface of the eye. The infection results from disease-causing micro organisms, such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Eye inflammation also may be caused by allergies, chemicals, dust, smoke and foreign objects that become lodged in the eye. Conventional treatment varies according to cause and symptoms. Doctors may prescribe antibiotics, steroids, or soothing eye drops. Interestingly TEA is a common eye remedy. Its easy with green or black tea, prepare tea according to directions and place the tea bag on closed eye for 15 minutes duly taking care that the temperature is not high or too low.

A rose is a rose a…..cure for infected eyes, as it is said in spanish, and arabic speaking communities. Please pick up roses that are free from pesticides and other chemicals, place a handful of petals in a jar and add one pint of boiling water, cover well to retain the aromatic oils and let stand until the water has cooled to room temperature, strain then soak a clean cloth with the liquid and place on the closed eye. Another interesting item, application of an Incan poultice. The Incas cultivated potatoes as a food and medicine and one medical use included eye conditions. The skin from a whole raw potato is to be removed and grate finely, to place the grated potato in a clean cloth and fold to make a poultice, application of the poultice to the eye for just 15 minutes. Further, Europeans have long used the lowly weed eye bright(EUPHRASIA OFFICINALIS) to treat conjunctivitis and other eye infections.
EYEBRIGHT’s flowers look like little yellow eyes and apparently resemblance sparked some ingenious individual to try it as an eye remedy. European colonists brought the remedy with them to the New World. The same can be found to day in parts of Appalachia. The treatment is placing one table spoon of eyebright leaves in one pint of hot water, cover and steep for ten minutes, strain and apply the liquid with a clean cloth while slipping a cup of tea and it is to be done twice a day.

Many Asian-Americans know that chrysanthemum blossoms(chrysanthemum indicum flos) make a great remedy for tired aching eyes. The Chinese and Japanese place a large handful of flowers in a pot and add one quart of boiling water, this is covered and steeped for ten minutes and then strained, the wet flowers are wrapped in a clean cloth, then the poultice is placed on the eye while the patient sips the tea. Aromatherapists recommend a CHAMOMILE cure for tired eyes. Steep two chamomile (Matricarria recutita) tea bags in a few table spoons of hot water, allow the bags to cool some what, then lie down and place a tea bag over each eye, cover the poultices with a soft cloth. In Tibet, a tea made of fennel(Foeniculum Vulgare) is used to soothe tired, irritated eyes.

I shall bring –WARDING OFF THE EVIL EYE—in my next issue. THE POWER OF FAITH is to be understood now. The FAITH is not just in a particular religion or part of the world. Faith is a integral part of any LIVING BEING. Even birds, animals develop faith to come closer; we have a faith on a particular doctor as such we go to him; we have a faith that a particular teacher or school teaches well as such we send our children to them, to say, faith is an inbuilt power that overpowers us beyond any reason and that component of faith is not CERTAINLY A DAY MATTER. It is coupled with the results. A survey published in 1986 revealed that one of every seven people polled believed that at some point HE or SHE had been healed by GOD. Such miraculous cures were for all types of illnesses-everything from viral conditions to debilitating back pain and cancer.
No one can say how prayer heals. But that does not stop people from praying. A 1991 study found that 96 percent of patients facing heart surgery said that they prayed to be healed: 73 percent of hospitalized patients said the same thing in a study two years later. Religion seeks to bring humans closer to the mysteries of the universe. In 1982 researchers found that Mormon men who considered themselves very religious were less likely to get cancer than their less-religious peers. Wonder is that when they get cancer, those in the religious group recovered faster. A reference to the AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRY published in 1990 edition reports that religious people recovered faster from illnesses and were less depressed than respondents who did not rate religion highly in their lives.
I AM NOT PREACHING BLIND BELIEF AND NOT IN THE INTEREST OF ATTACHING TO A PARTICULAR RELIGION IN THIS PROCESS. I am bringing this before you what the other world speaks so that we can judge for ourselves what to do and what not.

30th June 2002.


Suryakshetra (63)

What this little man speaks……………………………..

Quote: Work without faith is like an attempt to reach the bottomless pit.

I started Upanishads and also certain material like Paarad (Mercury) Ganapathi. But now I started receiving many requests for paying attention particularly to the health aspects and other matters to rank next. I am convinced of the same and as such now again I am concentrating on health points. I have already covered High blood pressure and arthritis. Now I really wonder as to how different countries and country men adopt techniques to overcome ailments or to control. It is like a medical mystery for me and I strongly suggest that every one of us should accept what is best in the other parts of the globe irrespective of religion, caste and like that. Particularly in these days when excellent communication system is available, I feel that one should take advantage of this and derive the benefits as expected.

In this issue I am feeling like touching DEPRESSION, the most unwanted and undesirable imaginary ghost. Clinical depression is an illness that causes a person’s mood and behavior to change for long periods. Depression is characterized mainly by feelings of sadness, irritability or indifference. Depression may also result from a chemical imbalance in the brain and episodes can be triggered by a traumatic event, prolonged stress etc. Symptoms may include lack of interest in hobbies or other activities that once were enjoyable; changes in weight, appetite and sleeping, feelings of guilt, worthlessness or hopelessness; and also confusion and fatigue.

Conventional medicine treats depression with drugs and psychotherapy. Though it sounds ironic, but practitioners of homeopathy treat depression with highly diluted natural substances that would cause symptoms of depression if given in a full strength to a healthy person, for the reason they go by symptomatic treatment. Mysterious St John’s Wort was validated by the scientists long ago.
The mysterious practice of using St John’s Wort(Hypericum perforatum) is exclusively to treat depression. Seems the plant indeed has mood lifting properties. It is a fact that it worked as well in some studies as expensive pharmaceutical drug. The Amish in USA use St John’s Wort to treat depression, but they do not appear to have been consuming the plant. They are reportedly hanging it over the barn door or house door to keep out witches and their spells. Thus they believe that they prevent depression and other related illnesses from striking their families. In certain cases study found that thirty minutes of massage a day effectively reduced depression and anxiety in hospital patients.

The aroma of flowers as orange blossom(citrus aurantium), jasmine and ylang ylang(cananga odorata) appears to alleviate symptoms of depression.

The best remedy suggested is family counseling. Patient must be taken close to his family or more so a homely atmosphere is created and an elderly person should cause concern for open discussion and cheering up.

I am coming with certain cure to Hemorrhoids, incontinence, memory problems, mouth and tooth problems, sleep problems, sore throat, wounds and cuts etc in the forthcoming so that you may know what the world says round us about this.

I shall be back again soon……………………..HARA HARA MAHADEVA

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What this little man speaks……………………………………………

Quote : Some succeed because they are destined to, but most succeed because they are determined to.

UPANISHADS: Teitireeya Upanishad may help us to gain knowledge of life. It has three chapters. The first chapter is called Shiksha Adhyaay valli and this has 12 parts. A discip0le or shishya means one who gains knowledge and uses it in his life. In the Vedic age the child would go to the Master-Duru and gain knowledge from him. All the ancient texts of Indian culture are stressing the need to have the knowledge from the master in direct relation. In other word the disciple should look at the Guru and gain knowledge by listening and keeping his life organs active.

Presenting the sixth part of the Upanishad which starts with “sa ya…….” The meaning of this says that the in the heart of a human lives the SUPREME. The supreme is the divine and elixir like. The epiglottis can be the basis of linking oneself to the soul. The basis of human life is the journey from MOOLADHAAR TO to the SAHASTRAR. When a person is born it is due to the energy stored in the Mooladhar. At the time of birth only Mooladhar is active. When a person dies the Kundalini rises from Mooladhar to sahastrar and the soul thus leaves the body . At the time of cremation the skull of the corpse is shattered(kappal kriya) signifying that the soul has left the body through the sahastrar. When a person becomes free of life and his body dissolves and gets fused into the four basic elements like bhu, bhuvah, swah and mah. The body is made of these very elements and after death they separate and attain individual identity. Bhu means the fire in the body and it gets fused with the fire in the universe. Bhuvah means that the air element in the body fuses the air around. Swah means that energy of the body fuse in the energy (sun) in the universe. Mah means that the personality of the person fuses with the Brahm(divine). Knowledge of these four elements lead to SELF REALISATION.

In other words this speaks of the highest philosophy that NOTHING IS OURS AND NOTHING IS PERMANENT. I hope all of you accept this. When so, why the VIKAARAAS?

I shall try to present the Shiksha Adhyaas Valli in the forthcoming issue.

Quote: Life will always be to a large extent what we ourselves make it.

Some interesting tips: I am interested to come back once again to the material world and give an option to make matters successful. PAARAD GANAPATHI – perhaps you may be knowing that the paarad is nothing but MERCURY. The ancient text RAS RATNA SAMUCHCHAYA states- siddhrase karishye nirdraaridra yamaggadam jagat. In other words if mercury is consecrated and converted into paarad then with its help all ailments and poverty of the world can be banished. The same text further states that no herb or mineral is capable of keeping the body always free from diseases. The reason is that all elements can become wet and only mercury can not. Through special process mercury is made solid. You may be knowing that collecting mercury into hands is next to impossibility. It becomes elixir when it is made solid. Thus certain impossible matters can be made possible through this sadhana and Parad Ganapathi is one such which makes us feel better materially and spiritually.

This excellent subject with the resultant outcome basing on personal experience is being presented gradually from now on. A few Parad Ganapathi pieces are available with the blessings of His Holiness Guruji and I desire to send them if requested for.


I shall be back again soon………………..
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Suryakshetra 61
What this little man speaks…………………………..

Quote : In case you tell in what way you are busy about, the intellectual can tell you what you are.

Naimishaaranya: Perhaps most of you are aware of this sacred place. Usually in all Hindu families whenever we perform VRATAM or POOJA etc invariably one sentence is prefixed as – EKATHA NAIMISHARANYE ---. According to the historical evolutions, Naimishaaranya is the origin for the civilization. The great epics and puraanas have taken shape on this Holy land.

Naimishaaranya is in Sitapur district of Uttar Pradesh. It is hardly 33 kilometers from SITAPUR. From Delhi, one can go to Naimishaaranya through Briz Ghat. Moradabad, Rampur, Shahajahanpur and Sitapur. It is nearly 500 kilometers drive from Delhi. It is on the bank of Gomathi River.

Chakra Teertha is a place in Naimishaaranya where Lord Brahma is believe to have dropped the disc or Chakra. It is further believed that Goddess Sati’s heart had fallen at this spot. Thus LALITHA TRIPURASUNDARI temple has gained lot of importance at Naimishaaranya. We have one very big Hanuman Mandir and it is not known as to whether the statue is made up of a stone or a SWAYAMBHOO.

The school of thought of Jagadguru Sankaraacharya subsequently divided into four groups like the sampradayaas – Teertha, Giri, Bharathi and Saraswathi. The great sage HH Jagadguru Naradaanandaji Saraswathi established an ashram in the NAIMISHAARANYA and later under the able and dedicated leadership of HH Jagadguru Sri Vivekaananda Saraswathi the ashram has come up well spiritually as well financially. They have established a vedic school for children and at the time of my visit nearly 125 small small children were undergoing training – SIKSHA- for gaining excellency in Sanskrit language and vedic rituals. The Sanaathan dharma can be seen in these parts of the country more clearly than elsewhere. Perhaps we may not dare to send our children from the other part of the life to that part of life though we admire all our traditions and systems.

Recently a temple was constructed for LORD VENKATESWARA and it is being maintained as usual well. The ahsram is striving its best to provide shelter and food to the visitors as such facilities are not immediately available elsewhere in the spot.

Most interesting sectors are taking bath in the Holy river Gomathi. If we prepare and plan to spend an hour in the river, it is certain that we will forget time element while taking bath and for a while we are likely become children. If any of the visitors is a person from Botanical sciences , he can conveniently say that the age of some of the trees shall be around 3000 years. Well, after seeing great rishis –sages, if one plans to leave the place in a day, perhaps I may have to conclude that his boss at his workspot should realise the spiritual and re-energising values available. It is not that as to how we earn money and retain it in its own shape thus becoming slaves and watchmen to it. It is certainly that we should earn command on the money we have earned and it should give us all the pleasures we want like seeing the places of importance like Naimishaaranya etc. Of course, I have to leave the matter to the judgement of each individual.

Quote: Some people look at things as they are and ask, why?. Interestingly some dream of things as they never were and ask, why not?.

I shall be back again soon………………… Hara Hara Mahadeva

Vedanta Visarada
Dr P V Sesha Sai



What this little man speaks………………………………………………..

Quote: Circumstances are beyond the control of a human being, but CONDUCT is certainly in his own powers.

MERA BHARAT MAHAAN: I really feel proud to write a few lines about a few places of historical and religious excellencies in our country. For that matter, when I visit nooks and corners I found something and something really interesting in each place of my visit. As every human being is great in certain aspects, like so every place. I consider that it is my fortune to have such experiences in this very very short span of life. Added to that it is really my fortune to come to highly educated and intellectual group of persons like you with my experiences.

A few days ago I had an opportunity of visiting UJJAIN in Madhya Pradesh. Like any other towns and cities it is also one in the country. Well, all that depends on the perception. If I start seeing something great, I find something really great and similarly if I do not see any value even in gold, I consider it as a worthless metal. In other words if mind set is made to analyze it will analyze. Alternatively even great events are ignored. In vedic order of life it is said –YAD BHAVAM TAD BHAVATHI- if you desire to do something , you will do it and if not , you ignore.

Ujjain is otherwise known as AVANTHIKA. There are seven cities on the earth which are capable of granting MOKSHA. These cities are said to be so sacred, they are capable of granting JEEVANMUKTI. Of the seven, Ujjain is said to be most reverred place for MANTRA POWER AND TANTRA SAKTI. During Mahaabharata times, Lord Krishna studied as a disciple at the Ashram of Great sage Saandipani. Balarama and Sudhaama were his co students. The great sage Samadhi is on the banks of KSHIPRA RIVER. Of the twelve Jyothirlingaas, Ujjain Mahaakaleswar Linga is one. Lakhs of people daily receive blessings of the Holy shrine. Kaala Bhairava daily takes liquor even today and the offering of only liquor to the deity is something really wonderful. Paatal Bhairav shrine is in a cave close to the Kaala Bhairav temple. Since the way is very congestive it is risky to enter the cave. I could not find any other place as sacred as that of Mangalnaath – a temple for MARS – one of the nine planets, excepting in Ujjain. Mahaakaali temple is one of the ASTA DASA SAKTI PEETHAS in the country. The Holy mother –MAHAAKALI granted unusual vision and knowledge to a layman who subsequently named as MAHAA KAVI KAALIDAS. This great poet has written UTTARA KAALAMRUTHAM at Ujjain - highly respectable book for astrologers for RAHU planet.

Raaja Bhartruhari has written his SUBHASHITAM sitting in a cave near Ujjain. It is open for the visitors even today. Raaja Vikramaarka ruled the country retaining Ujjain as his capital. There are thousands and thousands of caves which we dare not to enter. It is really a capital of treasure for those who visualise the importance. Well, if I start writing on each item from and of Ujjain, perhaps, this small little paper may object.

Kaal - in other words is TIME – and Mahaakaaleswar is none else than the LORD OF TIME. I have been repeatedly writing that TIME ELEMENT is the main element which keep the living beings and non living beings in the frame work of a rhythm or say a disciplined cycle. What else can be a greater achievement than obtaining blessings of the LORD OF TIME?. I strongly felt that a life cycle of nearly 70 years is too small to understand, realise, analyze a small area like Ujjain in India. Will the LORD OF TIME allow us to see many more sacred places like Ujjain in our life time or not is a matter of every individual . Can we now stop thinking that MERA BHARAT is really a MAHAAN . It is certainly our fortune, we are born in India- the land of spiritual, material, eternal excellency. Only prayer to the Lord is to grant us many more opportunities to re –born on this Holy land, if we are destined to take birth once again.
Quote: 1) The BUSY has no time for the tears.
2) It is necessary to have faith in ourselves for the reason that great convictions are the mothers of great deeds.

I shall be back again soon.

Hara Hara Mahadeva
Vedanta Visarada
Dr P V Sesha Sai M.Com., CAIIB., B.L., Dip UNIU., AMIMA.,



What this little man speaks…………………………………………………………

Quote: The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion of his commitment to excellence.
Most people just give up attempts when they are about to achieve success.

ARTHRITIS: When I continue my topic on the subject, I desire to stress that it is actually possible to “think” away the pain although no science could tell us possibly “why”. Our attitude towards our disease, as well as our level of emotional stress and our ability to deal with it, are the significant factors in how arthritis will affect us. The hopeful news as per the scientific research is that we have control over these factors. Numerous body-mind techniques can help ease arthritis pain; improve range of motion; facilitate sleep; and strengthen our immune system. A few of them are creative visualization, guided imagery, progressive relaxation, support groups, self hypnosis, sound system(like mantra sastra as per Hindu school of thinking) and meditation. For all this, choosing of a good guide or say master is quite essential and that should be backed up by faith. It is to be remembered that in a “no faith” attitude, no system can take us to reach goals.

According to Mr Jeffrey Laign, British and German immigrants to United States of America treated rheumatic pain by their suggestions to eat raw or cooked celery seeds(apium graveolens) or large amounts of celery plant. Eating celery may seek like an unlikely fixative, but there may be something to it since the custom is still in practice in USA.

American Indians and early colonists alike used herbs such as white willow(salix alba) and wintergreen(caultheria procumbens) to control pain. What is truly mysterious is that these plants contain a compound similar to aspirin –a drug that was not even invented until the 19th Century. Aspirin was developed as a less-toxic substitute for methyl-salicylate, a substance that comes from the wintergreen plant. Aspirin like compounds are also found in the herbs like black cohosh( cimicifuga racemosa), black haw(viburnum prunifolium) and pipsissewa(chimaphila umbellata).

According to Mr Lagin, a potato when carried in the right pants pocket, has really worked as a remedy. For this he says that any organized medical practitioner will say that so called PLACEBO effect has cured countless patients who were just given sugar pills but believed that they were taking potent medicines.

In certain cases, wearing of copper bracelet also produced magical cures for some arthritis patients. A 1976 study found that arthritis patients who wore copper bracelets suffered very fewer symptoms than those who wore aluminum or other metal bracelets colored to look like copper. Science may not right now give answer to this as SCIENTISTS ARE STILL EXPERIMENTING TO WHAT DEGREE THE TRADITIONAL SYSTEM WORK, yet, people in every corner of the globe have used amulets to ward off illness or to banish it when it strikes. Amulets are objects said to have spiritual powers. Practitioners of folk medicines believe that there is a strong link between the spiritual and material as well the mental and physical. From a study it is found that amulets are used to ward off fire, violence, witchcraft, lightning, disease, evil spirits or anything dangerous and undesirable.
In India the study revealed that a horseshoe or a amulets that contains nine planetary stones or related herbs of nine planets wrapping with gold or a copper wire has helped many from illnesses. In the other parts of the globe, Garlic is widely repute to repel evil forces. Chinese folk healers recommend eating of sesame seeds about half an ounce a day to relieve arthritis discomfort. Mustard may seem an odd or magical arthritis remedy but employing so called counter irritants to ease pain is a technique of folk healers throughout EUROPE, ASIA, AND APPALACHIA area of the United States of America even today. One of the oldest counter irritants is a mustard plaster. Crush the seeds of white or brown mustard(brassica spp) or grind them in a coffee grinder, spread the mixture on a cloth and place the poultice-mustard side down-on the skin, leaving it on for no longer than twenty minutes, then remove the plaster and wash the affected area thoroughly. Cayenne pepper is another counter irritant used in China and in the Southwest and Midwest regions of USA.
When we see and listen to these many, we may have to salute our GRAND MOTHERS and trust that GRANDMAAS have invented many for our benefits centuries ago.

I will be back again soon……………………………… HARA HARA MAHADEVA
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What this little man speaks………………………………………
Quote: Worry is the misuse of imagination
Well done is better than well said.
In Every paper I am quoting and the purpose of the same is to pass on a message/communicate some useful meaning in the shortest and sweetest language possible.

In this issue I desire to concentrate much on HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. It is a fact that MYSTERIOUS HEALING SECRETS ARE AVAILABLE THROUGHOUT THE WORLD FOR ALMOST ALL PROBLEMS which the human beings face. High blood pressure or hypertension describes a greater than normal force of blood coursing through the arteries. This high pressure forces the heart to work harder than the normal and increases the risk of aneurysm (rupture of an artery), heart attack , stroke, kidney failure and similar disorders. I have been repeatedly writing that the Almighty created us all with same kind of affection and love. For him, the entire creation is one and filled up with love and affection. But when the matter comes to individual, we overrun the matters beyond the description and thereby search for solutions. I trust that this is nothing but abusing the natural gifts available to us. Back to the exercise, a reading of 140/90 is considered as high. High blood pressure may not produce visible symptoms in many.

On certain occasions, people with high blood pressure experience ringing in the ears and headache. I am continuously observing that the conventional medical practitioners attempt to lower the blood pressure by prescribing drug therapy and lifestyle changes. In the Chinese system, inserting of hair thin needles in specific points of body, particularly in an area known as the “heart meridian” can lower the blood pressure and its looks strange for us, but it is a fact.

Massage works well to relieve stress but it may aggravate high blood pressure. Interestingly many common plants appear to have the power to lower or normalize blood pressure in some people. For example AALIUM SATIVUM - we do not have to fear for the name- it is nothing but little garlic- it may bring down blood pressure, reduce levels of harmful cholesterol and thin the blood which can prevent heart attack. In this context eating of more CAYENNE-nothing to fear – it is nothing but capsicum annuum is considered very friendly since it dilate arteries and reduce blood pressure. Other helpful plants in the search are hawthorn-crataegus spp and ginkgo-ginkgo biloba.

Remarkably just smelling certain scents can lower our blood pressure. Essential oils used to lower blood pressure include lavender-lavandula angustifolia; rose-rosa spp ; gerenium-pelagonium graveoloens and sandalwood-santalum album.

Oh! Hats off to the great sages and rishis of INDIA. They have done something really wonderful by including sandalwood in the routine worshipping rituals. The Advaita Sidhanta of HH Jagadguru Sri Adi Sankaraacharya speaks about the Advaitha sidhantha- that is theory of non-duality. Perhaps keeping anyone himself clean, neat and righteous- may cause an inner-sight to touch and enjoy the presence of paramaatma hidden in oneself.

Quote: Great minds must be ready not only to take opportunities, but to make them.

Arthritis: Arthritis is a painful desease of the joints. Osteo arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are two major types. With osteo arthritis, which often affects the hips, knees, feet and spine, the joint cartilage deteriorates over time. With rheumatoid arthritis, the membranes lining the joints become inflamed, limiting the joints range of motion. The body’s immune system attacking its own tissues is the most likely cause of rheumatoid arthritis. Because no conventional cure is available allopathic medicine’s treatment for arthritis focuses on relieving symptoms which may include swelling, tenderness, pain and stiffness in one or more joints; limited movement ; red, hot, or burning skin over the joints; and even decreased appetite, weight loss, fever and exhaustion. The typical treatment programs consists of drug therapy, exercise and rest. But what the other world say about it……………………cont………………………

I shall be back again soon…… HARA HARA MAHADEVA
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Quote: A man’s dreams are an index to his greatness.

The usual practice in the traditional system to perform YAGNA is possible by generating Agni – the sacred fire by rubbing (or Agni madhan as is being called) two dry wooden sticks from the Holy Aswatha Tree. For this an apparatus is made in a convenient manner for use by the Ritviks- the pundits who are well versed with the vedic systems and who are involved in performing YAGNA. When SRI RUDRA KAMYAARCHANA VIDHI specifies that ABHISHEK is to be performed by using certain material. It is said that each item used as specified in Vedic order of life, is capable of granting certain material benefits for the human beings. This is an authorized text from ancient times and mostly it is proved to be of material use for many. Perhaps, it may be the reason that millions of people particularly HINDUs are preferring to go by the traditional system. Normally we do not like to follow certain systems even today, much worse the case years ago for the reason, old generations did not allow certain systems to come into their way of life unless they are proved to be useful and logically it reminds me that they are satisfied and are benefited and that is the reason millions have accepted. It may take some more time to find out a scientific base for the traditional acts.

Well, back to the Yagna-I enjoyed using much material as described in the system and they include-1)Prickly Chaff Flower,
2) Phyllanthus Emobhica, 3) Chebulic Myrobulam, 4) Camphus, 5) Musk, 6) Boiled Rice, 7) Asomatica, 8) Poa Ciliaris, 9) Crocus Sativus, 10) Cynodon Dcetu;pn, 11) Bhari Calcuivs, 12) Acacia Mimosa, 13) Santalum Album, 14) Prosopis Spicigera, 15) Mace, 16) Myristica Fragraus Nutomey, 17) Calotropis Jrgantia, 18) Copper, 19) Ocumum Sanctum, 20) Cypurus Rantundoa, 21) White Khus Khus, 22) Glucase, 23) Cinuamon, 24) Orientale, 25) Phyllathus Nirute, 26) Corals, 27) Curcuma Loonga, 28) Echites Frutescens, 29) Gold, 30) Acgle Narmalas Alarge, 31) Piper Nigrum, 32) Pearls, 33) Ficus Glomerate Alarge,34) Butea Frondasa, 35) Silver, 36) Cary Ophyllus, 37) Andropogen Murioatus, 38) Carpus and many such sacred material for which I do not get equivalent botanical or other name.

It may be my belief or it may be the belief of millions of Indians – I strongly feel that it is not mere blind belief, as our fore fathers and great sages did not accept blindly anything. For logical example, when we go to a remote village, normally a new entrants habits behaviour and movements are totally tested before the villagers start believing. Similar should have been the case with the traditional Hindu rituals, they must have tested all this enough and satisfied and that should have been the reason why it is percolated down. Modern science is just making experiments to satisfy THEMSELVES to what extent the traditional systems are worthy.

In any country; for any race and for any religion the beliefs are based on their past experiences and experiments only and IT IS A FACT FOREVER whether some one agrees or otherwise. This does not mean that I go only and only on faith. I look forward many a times to what degree my faith is reasonable and LOGICAL, for the reason only LOGIC that is TARKA can take us close to the realities and values.

If you all agree with me, I can dare say that a scientist arrived to USA from India shall have all fears to eat any vegetable or fruit of USA(not commonly available in India or in USA) unless some one guarantees him that it is good and not harmful to the body. This goes to prove that even a modern scientist has to believe the experience of some one and proceed further. Thus in the similar circumstances, I can conveniently conclude that for all Indian systems, there is a strong base with reason associated with belief. Hence the traditional systems and rituals are all accepted beliefs backed by experience for the use and benefit of the Society, whether or not the modern scientist agree for the same.
Quotes: The great of the society is, its individual character
Fate is the perfume of the heroic deeds.
When all else is lost, the future still remains.
I shall be back again soon with certain other works.


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What this little man speaks……………………………………………………..

Quote: Anything the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

I enjoyed the privilege of presenting several hundreds of topics duly analyzing them with logical reasoning that suits the wave length of material world of today. I can assure you that such presentation shall stands continued as long as I receive the requisite knowledge and inspiration from great of sages of the Holy land particularly of Naimishaaranya-the only land that posses the great treasures. Today I am inspired to write a few lines on the greatness of sound, if only it is not mistaken as mantra sastra which I was referring to when I concentrated on writing the subject –SOUND. Today the same sound is referred to the sound of Music. Listening itself is an art. Some time ago I remember to have mentioned that a good listener is always successful as long as the listener distinguishes between wanted and otherwise in the subject received by his sensing organ-ear.

Well, in today’s context music is equated to the divine Lord. It simply works as a tonic. Be it the pulsating drum beats which set the tempo for the day or the soulful strumming of guitar, peaceful notes of the piano or the melody of the flute. Experience and experiments reveal that many tough jobs are made easy by using the wonderful tonic-music. Here are the few tips to listen to music the right way for transformation and healing that generates positive energy all through.

Selection of appropriate music. In normal routine, most of us choose the tunes we like. Often the music were least attracted to will have the greatest benefit when played in the right sequence. For example when angry, the first instinct is to put on some really angry music. It looks like using symptomatic treatment as is in some sciences like Homeo etc. Therefore selecting music depends on person to person.

Music sequencing: Sometimes it is necessary to first choose music that totally matches ones mood rather than the mood one wish to acquire. Consider arranging a series of different musical compositions in sequence just for matching the need. For example if one feels depressed, select a composition which represents extreme depression. Follow immediately this with one that is only mildly depressing and then a select a neutral composition and end with a composition which is clearly uplifting and motivating. In other words, listening in a sequence helps any one to honour the current mood and then transformed.

Speakers are ideal: It is ideal to listen to the music through speakers rather than headphones so that the cells of the body themselves may “listen” the sound.

Preparation: Be relaxed, sit or lie down and take a good and long breathe. Listen to the musical composition all the way without causing an interruption. Just listen to the music while keeping away the normal tendency of most of us to tune the music and indulge in doing other acts.

Mind and body connection: A lot of research has been done which proved that there is a definite connection between mind and the body-may be referred to emotion too. Though music healing is often related to relaxations and emotions, there is a corner which can not be forgotten that this has its impact on curing physical illnesses too. In good olden days, we used to begin the day with some melody like “suprabhatam” etc which have paved the way for total sacredness of the body and mind and resultantly we enjoyed the output too. Even today, inspite of the pressure of work and related tensions, it is better we open the day with some dedication so that the day ends peacefully, purposefully, and with a better outcome than usual.

Quote: The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion of his commitment to excellence.

I shall be back again soon… HARA HARA MAHADEVA
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Suryakshetra: (55)
What this little man speaks:-

Little about left and right brain---- With regard to the structure of the brain, particularly with regard to the its dichotomy into right and left segments, the two not only look different; for the right brain is white while the left brain is grey but then their functions too vary. The left is analytical, mathematical, logical, verbal, sequential, organized, structured and deductive. The right brain is holistic, intuitive, emotional, creative, visual, musical, lateral, unorganized and spontaneous. Methods are suggested to check any one to examine the dominance of right or left. If we clasp hands together and check out which thumb is uppermost, left brainers will keep their left thumb up and right brainers will keep their right. In the process of revolution, our civilization stressed left brain activities. Our educational system also emphasizes the cultivation of the left brain so that by the time the average individual passes out from school, his creativity, sensitivity and the sense of artistry and spiritually at a discount.

That is how most spiritual masters tell us as to why we should create a balance by developing the right brain. As the right brain becomes more and more powerful, we will also find that the coincidences in the life increase. The answer to a troubling question may lie in something our friend or philosopher says or in a dream or a stray newspaper article. Meditation is said to be one of the best media to balance right and left and to develop particularly to tune into the results of right. As we allow our thoughts to float by us rather than orchestrating them or being consumer by them, our subconscious mind will surface which is the region of the right brain. Writing, drawing, singing, sculping, stitching, cooking- all these allow scope for self-expression. However the left brain is equally important for it governs areas such as discipline, a sense of organization and will power.

A hint about Mantra magic for achieving results:

Meditation is considered the best way to relieve oneself from stress that one undergoes and in the process of discharging professional and personal responsibilities and concerns. There are many ways to meditate. Chanting of HAMSA MANTRA is one among them. A mantra is a sound, word, or phrase that is repeated in a systematic manner. It could be spoken aloud, as a chant or silently. There are many mantras ranging from words taken from sanskrit to catholic prayers. Hamsa mantra is a natural mantra being the sound that one makes when breathing with "ham" on inhalation and "sa" on exhalation. One can sit comfortably at a quiet place(if possible) or tune to the quietness in a leisure time, clean the eyes, breath naturally. Then think :Ham: on the inhale and :sa: in the exhale. One should not try to control the thoughts in any way. This can be practiced gradually. The benefits are unique for each person, but both physiological and psychological balancing is common for all. The thoughts generated in the process will direct us with the answers that we need in the day to day life and UNANSWERED QUESTIONS GET A SOLUTION IN THE PROCESS.

I shall be back again soon……..


Dr P V Sesha Sai



What this little man speaks………………………………………………..

Quote: Circumstances are beyond the control of a human being, but CONDUCT is certainly in his own powers.

MERA BHARAT MAHAAN: I really feel proud to write a few lines about a few places of historical and religious excellencies in our country. For that matter, when I visit nooks and corners I found something and something really interesting in each place of my visit. As every human being is great in certain aspects, like so every place. I consider that it is my fortune to have such experiences in this very very short span of life. Added to that is it really my fortune to come to highly educated and intellectual group of persons like you with my experiences.

A few days ago I had an opportunity of visiting UJJAIN in Madhya Pradesh. Like any other towns and cities it is also one in the country. Well, all that depends on the perception. If I start seeing something great, I find something really great and similarly if I do not see any value even in gold, I consider it as a worthless metal. In other words if mind set is made to analyze it will analyze. Alternatively even great events are ignored. In vedic order of life it is said –YAD BHAVAM TAD BHAVATHI- if you desire to do something , you will do it and if not , you ignore.

Ujjain is otherwise known as AVANTHIKA. There are seven cities on the earth which are capable of granting MOKSHA. These cities are said to be so sacred, they are capable of granting JEEVA -mukti.

I shall continue later Hara Hara Mahadeva Dr P V Sesha Sai



What this little man speaks……………………………….

Quote: Real joy comes not from ease or richness or from the praise of us, but certainly from doing something
2) The mind is a restless bird, the more it gets, the more it wants, and still remain unsatisfied.

Lakshmi Sadhana: I have already taken the privilege of bringing before you the necessity of keeping divine materials like Daskhinavrit Sankh, Arka Ganapathi, Coral and spatik maala(rosery) sadhanas and many such in the past. Now I present the Sri Adisankara Bhagavatpadas SOUNDARYA LAHARI for lakshmi saadhana. I have already written that Lakshmi saadhana should not be misunderstood as a saadhana JUST FOR FINANCIAL RICHNESS. It is a saadhana which keeps us in a state of AANANDA and make our lives memorable. Sadhana is a mode to make us to reach destination and HOLY GURU is one who keeps us informed of the shortest routes for such success. In other words it is a tool for doing some thing . For example, one desires to go to Delhi from Banglore. He may choose rail, air or road or even walk as a mode for the movement. All that depends on how fast he desires to reach his destination. In this process two things are a must; one is setting a goal and the other is selecting a mode to achieve the targeted results. Lakkshmi Sadhana is also one such mode to make us to reach the destination as per sages of ancient ages.

In the authenticated SOUNDARYA LAHARI, he has suggested certain methods for financial successes as described in 33 sloka, and 91, 92 etc. Similarly for PUTRA PRAPTI, for solving incurable illnesses etc and what not. One thing is certain that overnight results are not assured in any science, so also in this system. It all depends how best we devote ourselves to the suggested methods with all faith and devotion. We may also observe that faith is not just a word for HINDU systems alone, faith is a main component in other religions too. We do not have courage to question the faith of other religions, but unfortunately indulge in questioning the ancient practices suggested by sages. At this juncture, I apply logic and question whether we follow the systems suggested by the tradition while making out mango pickles every year or not. The answer is that “certainly we follow” , we have no exception lest the year long pickles get spoiled in no time. If this be the case, in case we accept the traditions just for making pickles, why not for others ? I do not advocate blind following for anything, our action should be supported by experience and logical reasoning which should not end in a dilemma forever. In other words, certain conclusions are necessary as time will not wait for our decisions.

It is really my fortune to refer to 89 sloka which is suggested for solving incurable ailments. Incidentally I am not in a position to mention all the slokaas here nor could I able to reproduce the diagrams, but I assure you that I shall stand by you and render my services to the best of my ability without any reward or remuneration, in case readers have specific problems or suggestions. My appeal is only that WE HAVE EXCELLENT TREASURES. Let us enjoy them to the extent we can.

Well, when I say all this I have further justification. Almighty has given us all comforts and blessed each one of us without any differentiation. He has given us excellent grinders – well built tooth which lasts for lifetime, so also eyes and other organs. Sometimes, we abuse the VARADAAN of Lord by excessively utilizing the tools like, go on chewing pan masaala etc and reduce the life granted to the tools.

Quote: Education is the leading of human souls to what is said to be the best and making what is best out of them.

I was mentioning about SAMMOHAN VIDYA, it is nothing but self hypnotism. To attain the vidya, we have to have devotion and develop such will power. PLEASE REMEMBER IT IS NOTHING BUT UPBRINGING OF HIDDEN ENERGY WITHIN US.

I shall be back again soon………….

Vedanta Visarada
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What this little man speaks……………………………….

Quote: The remedy for weakness is not brooding over weakness, but thinking of strength.

A word: Actually I thought of bringing SURYAKSHETRA in all languages onto a single paper. Some how I am not happy for the trail I made a few days ago, for the simple reason neither I could complete one subject fully nor I could concentrate on a particular matter. As such I am of the opinion that it will be better to bring out the paper in all other languages as is being done till such time the Aanandaashramam takes over the assignment fully. The Hindi version of the paper purely contains MANTRA, TANTRA AND YANTRA vignan while the Telugu version contains only LAKSHMIJI SADHANA. The English version is as usual contains different subjects on different topics. If any one is interested to have a copy from a different language, it can be arranged by me. The Ashramam work is yet to gain momentum and the main reason is finance and time. Any way poor students who have received financial aid from the Aanandaashramam are happy. The Aashramam is now aiming for supply of drinking water to the poor at a few points in Hyderabad during this summer.

Quote: No pillow is as soft as a clear conscience.

TANTRA: This sound is mostly an unwanted sound for most of the Indians, for it appears to perform an act not acceptable to the Society. This is not correct. Fact is that when we intend to perform a ritual or say give shape to some MANTRA , it is nothing but Tantra. In this, one is SADAACHARA TANTRA and the other VAMAACHARA TANTRA. Normally sadaachara Tantra is followed in any Indian house regularly like performing POOJAAS etc. while chanting mantraas. This Tantric act is believed to bring results more faster than mere chanting of mantraas. The ancient texts like RUDRAKAAMYAARCHANA VIDHI , it is reiterated that the Lord grants all pleasures when worshipped with cow milk; RAJYA PRAPTHI when worshipped with rice; PUTRA PRAAPTHI WITH sugandhodak water etc. This is from an authorised text and readers are invited to our house to go through it.

Persons who still do not believe that Tantra is an accepted act, may refer to HH SRI SHANKARA BHAGAVATPAD - SOUNDARYA LAHARI. Innumerable methods are described in it which form part of TANTRIC method. Men are given an assurance that there is nothing for them non – achievable.

I do admit, Tantra vidhi is like Electricity. Electricity is a killer, no doubt about it. At the same time it brings life into our lives and to-day we cannot assume ourselves without the POWER. To say, inspite of the fact that the POWER is a killer, we do admire it and welcome it cautiously. So much so is the TANTRA in my opinion.

Quote: The greatest job of teachers is to cultivate talent until it ripens for the public to reap its bounty.

Feng Shui: I have been repeatedly bringing onto this that nothing comes in to my way to draw useful matters from several other religious texts as long as remain useful to the society and its men. FENG SHUI is from China and it is nothing but a VAASTU SASTRA. In the recent past VAASTU CONSULTANTS have frightened us enough by asking us to remove main structure in the building and reconstruct ; remove toilets and keep them away like. Finally they made enough money while heavily forcing to go for unproductive expenses. I do not say that VAASTU is not correct. It is certainly an accepted science. I know several buildings particularly in Andhra Pradesh , Delhi etc were rebuilt on these grounds. Feng Shui at this stage brought enough relief for the public, for, it mainly focusses on little and affordable changes in a house or establishment etc. The five main elements are taken into consideration in Feng Shui and reliefs are suggested. I desire to bring a few tips for the benefit of the readers on this subject so that every reader can equip himself with the desired or desirable information on this subject.

Quote: There are three modes of bearing the ills of life; by indifference, by philosophy and by religion.

I shall be back again soon…………………………………………..
Dr P V Sesha Sai


Suryakshetra (51)

Quote: 1) Every advantage has its tax.
2) It is much easier to be a hero than a gentleman.

Lakshmi Sadhana: “ Sankhustapana” is known as a preliminary ritual for commencement of Construction, may it be a residential house or otherwise. I have been quite often quoting Dakshinavrit sankh while describing about the Lakshmi Sadhana. It is felt essential by the Hindu religious texts as well by vastu sastra. The science of construction is describted in Vastu Sastra. Dakshinavrit Sankh being the replica of Goddess Lakshmi - the Goddess of wealth, is considered to be of help to the inmates for their peace and prosperity. These days, I have seen number of owners just performing BHOOMI POOJA without factually putting the Sankh. It is to be remembered that the basic material needed for “Sankhustaapana” is “sankh”. Therefore I request that Dakshinavrit sankh, Nava Dhanyaalu, nine gems, cow milk, gold, silver and copper pieces are invariably put into the pit preferably on the North Eastern side of the building proposed to be constructed. Thus the advantages of using divine material like the aforesaid are far from description. It IS FOUND ALL-WAYS ADVANTAGEOUS TO FOLLOW THE ADVISES OF ANCIENT RISHIS/MASTERS.

The power of listening: Of late, enough impatience is seen in almost all and everyone is busy in his own style. I do not find fault with their style of living, however, I only feel that one should have patience to listen to others, for the reason, a listener is always successful. Logically , a listener gets ample opportunities to get information from the communications of the other side. A option is always with the listener to distinguish between what is wanted and what is not and further to retain the needy information for his benefit. Thus by listening , it is certain one will gain. Secondly, a listener creates confidence amongst others that he cares others. This is certain to improve the circle for the listener. Sometime ago I had the opportunity of speaking on the five channels arranged by the Lord and the power of ear, out of ears, eyes, nose, tongue and the skin. The power of ear i.e. the ART of listening is certainly a peculiar power which can take any one close to success.

From this month onwards, I desire to bring SURYAKSHETRA of all languages on this. This is initially an attempt before the paper is handed over to AANANDAASHRAMAM for its full length publication in the form of a MAGAZINE.

I shall be back again soon……………….


With the divine blessings of the Holy spirits of revered Gurujis more particularly HH Sri Sri Sri Ganesananda Bharathi Mahaaswamiji, the Aanandaashramam is planning to initially grant SHOLARSHIP to the deserving poor students and accordingly trying for the fund. By the end of March/April , the Aashramam also plans to establish water sheds as many as possible in Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Search for establishing the Aashramam for housing its vedic school, old age home is speeded up and likely to conclude very shortly.



What this little man speaks……………………………….

Quote: Our judgements about things vary according to the time left us to live-that we think is left us to live.

Lakshmi Sadhana: Sadhana means a tool for doing some thing . For example, one desires to go to Delhi from Banglore. He may choose rail, air or road or even walk as a mode for the movement. All that depends on how fast he desires to reach his destination. In this two things are visible; one is setting a goal and the other is selecting a mode to achieve the targeted results. Lakkshmi Sadhana is also one such mode to make us to
reach the destination as per sages of ancient ages.

Dakshinavrit Sankh is a very nice apparatus in my experience. It is a shell from Sea. Normal Sankhs might
have been seen by everyone of us. This is a rare specious and its opening is to our right hand side unlike other usual sankhs for which the opening is to our left hand side. Many ancient scripts have written about it and its uses. It is a very good apparatus for acquiring financial gains; for acquiring good health; for child welfare; for retention of wealth and so on. As Lakshmi is said to have taken birth from sea, one of the specious of this rare quality sankh is also believed to have been born with it. The sankh is also believed to be a purifier. A little water is to be put into the sankh and sprayed in the house, is believed to purify the climate besides helping for retention of the wealth of the house. I have seen childless being blessed with children when the couple drink a little milk before bed time through this sankh. If any one has belief that SOUND SYSTEM in other words MANTRA sastra has any power, the following BEEJAAS-seeds can be used while taking the assistance of this rare sankh.


Chanting of beeja sounds is an accepted phenomenon in every religion. The aforementioned beej mantra is
to be chanted 108 times at least everyday using c rystal chains. Rock crystal beed is the best suited since any one can eye witness sparks coming of this when rubbed.

Even mere retention of this sankh in the house is also found to be quite useful. Other advantages of this
Sankh follow.

Quote: Pleasure is the sincerest compliment.

Guru: only one master in the entire life process for all branches is not possible. Hence choosing of a master
for different walks of life, is not a barring matter. For me, even a small incident; a small child too are the masters since a inspiring message is received ON CERTAIN OCCASIONS. A child in the arms gives abundant pleasure which may not be possible for us elsewhere even after spending any amount. A state of BLISS can be experienced and we get mesmerized – or stay in a STATE OF SAMMOHAN STITI for awhile. Even a seasoned statesman will admire smile of a child even when there is no verbal conversation between the child and himself.
For some time we forget the other world. I have something to express on this, but for the limitation of time and space on this paper.

Quote: The roots of education are bitter; but the fruit is sweet.

I shall be back again soon………….
Dr P V Sesha Sai

Monday, December 10, 2007

About Suryakshetra

I am Dr P V Sesha Sai and I started this one page paper way back in 1980s. My desire is to make the reader know about different subjects in a nutshell instead of reading volumes about a particular subject. I have noticed that people are put to lot of stress and unable to locate their leisure time for important and select items of literature. I developed the concept of one page reading only with an intention to provide an opportunity to the reader about the subject and the subject is described in as little words as possible. At the initial stage of writing this paper, the electronic mechanism was not existant and hence it was written on a type writer and sent through post to some of the like minded people. Over a period of time I could not preserve some of the papers and when I liked all the papers to be reprocured, some people helped me to get back copies of my papers. Due to these problems all papers could not be produced in the blog. Some of them are numbered and some of them are just like that.
Due to cost factor to send the papers through post, over a period of time, despatch of the paper was discontinued. In 1990s this paper was cyclostyled and sent and gradually switched to this electronic system. And now -------------------------please go through